Short term goal

In our real life, we all want to achieve many things. And we have both short term goal and long term goal. What is the difference between them? Short term goals are ones that you will achieve in a day, within a week, or possibly within a few months. Long term goals usually take longer period of time: one year, five years or even ten years.

To understand the relationship of them, here I will tell you a famous story. In 1984 of the Tokyo International Marathon, one Japanese athlete Yamada unexpectedly won the world championship. When reporters asked what make him such a startling success, he said that:" Use wisdom to defeat opponent." Many people don't believe him. Marathon is the sport requires both physical strength and endurance. He said that wisdom led to his success seems reluctantly.

Two years later, in the Italian International Marathon, Yamada won the championship again. A reporter asked him:" You have won the championship again. Can you talk about your experience?" Yamada answered the reporter the same as last time:" I use wisdom to defeat opponent." Everyone was puzzled by his so-called wisdom.

Ten years later, the mystery is finally discovered. Yamada write his autobiography and he says:" Before each game, I will travel the whole route and check it carefully. I will mark some important signs alone the road, such as the first mark is a bank, the second mark is a tree, and the third mark is a red house, thus mark to the end. When the race begins, I run as fast as I can towards the first goal, the bank. When I arrive at the bank, I will strive for the second goal, the tree. I break the whole marathon route into many small goals and finish them one by one easily. At first I don't know this method and set my goal at the end of the 40 kilometers marathon. Usually I get exhausted in the first 10 kilometers because I am frighten by the remote distance."

This story gives us a lot of inspiration. You can learn a lot from it. A great dream can be achieved through many small goals. These small goals are your short term goals. Sometimes we fail not because the goal is too hard, it is that we don't break the long term goal into several small goals. So we feel thatsuccess is too far away.

Many of us will set only short term goal and ignore the long term goal. Are you busy working on many small goals and don't even have a long term goal? This will not lead you to success either. Because these small goals group together can't give you a good result. They are not relevant and can not contribute much to your future success.

Now we know the relationship between short term and long term goal. We will start from long term goal and break the long term goal into several small goals, and these small goals are our short term goals.

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